Possessive determiners exercises with answers

 Possessive determiners exercises with answers

Possessive determiners exercises with answers
Possessive determiners exercises with answers

What are possessive determiners?

Let's give you a quick introduction to possessive determiners before the exercises and their answers. We use possessive determiners to say that something or someone belongs to someone or something. For example, this is my book. 'my' is a possessive determiner because it determines this book belongs to me. We always use a noun after possessive determiners, for example, book as in the example above.

What is the grammar structure for possessive determiners? 

possessive determiner + noun: my book, your book, their book, our book, ...etc

Possessive determiners examples:

  1.  I love my book.
  2. Do you want to borrow my book?
  3.  I like your book.
  4. Do you like her book?
  5. His car is really nice.
  6. Our house is big.
  7.  The computer has many functions. One of its functions is calculating numbers fast.
  8. Their new laptop is super fast.
  9. The house seemed asleep yet, as I have said, it had a life of its own.
  10. One doesn’t like to spend too much time on one’s own.
we use one's to refer to any person, a man or a woman, or a child.

Possessive determiners exercises:

Choose the right answer

  1.  I like____ shirt.   (a) your    (b) yours
  2.  ___ car is red.       (a) his   (b) yours
  3. ___ phone is new.    (a) mine     (b) my
  4.  ____ body is fit.       (a) his      (b) hers
  5. We sleep on ____ bed.  (a) ours   (b) our
  6. ____ hair is long.   (a) her     (b) hers
  7. I like this phone. ____ software is fully functioning.  (a) it    (b) its
  8. ____ bicycle is old. They need to replace it or buy a new one. (a) they   (b) their

Possessive determiners exercises with answers:

  1.  (a) your
  2. (a) his
  3. (b) my
  4.  (a) his
  5.   (b) our
  6.  (a) her
  7. (b) its
  8. (b) their

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