How to learn English with short stories?

How to learn English with short stories?

 How to learn English with short stories?

How to learn English with short stories?
How to learn English with short stories?

Short stories are the most effective way to learning English. They are enjoyable and easy to understand. Anyone can read short English stories--even adults, not only kids. Some students feel bored when reading novels or long stories, maybe because it's not a habit. They don't read every day--that's why when they read something long they feel bored easily.

Steps to learning English with short stories:

  • Read first and enjoy:  you don't need to understand everything in the beginning.
  • Read again the same short story and look up any new words
  • If the new words in the short story represent more than 50%, then search for new short stories that are easier to understand
  • Don't translate every word in your native language--use a dictionary.  

    6 Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020

  • use the words you learn from the English short story in your own words-- that means putting the words in sentences from your own daily-life situations. For example, when you go to the shop to drink something, we say, I will have a cup of tea. So, you might change tea to something else you drink. This way, you will remember the words you're learning in the story.
  • Find someone who likes to read just like you to help each other on the way to better English.
  • We have also created a special section which is English short stories 

If you are asking the question:  

Why should I take an online English course?

It's important to take a course with a private English tutor to help you find the best English short stories that fit your level. A private language teacher is a person to help you achieve your dreams. Best English tutors are those who hold CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL certificates or any equivalent certificates in the field of teaching English. For example, Mr.Zaki holds TEFL and TESOL certifications. Find more about Mr.Zaki.

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