essay about marriage with advice

essay about marriage with advice

essay about marriage with advice
essay about marriage with advice

essay about marriage and advice to all new people who are about to get married.  My mother often tells me, "You are a woman, and your fate is to get married and have a baby."

 If I do not want to get married, it is abnormal for the community. Even though I love free life, I fall madly in love with my ex. I think that marriage is like the marsh in which the woman gets stuck. Being a wife and mother is a difficult job. However, who knows? Maybe I will get married in the near future to a man who has smartness, knowledge, matureness, thoughtfulness, and a loving family.

Honestly, I am attracted to a man who is smart and knowledgeable. Both of them are the first criterion. I am a learner and looking for new things. I want an intelligent man beside me to support me. Vietnamese have one sentence: you should marry a much taller man than you. We can understand it literally and figuratively. Your man is taller and smarter than you. For me, the new life of all couples begins after the wedding, and we will face many issues in our marriage. The smart family will look for the best way to handle it.

  The second criterion is maturity and understanding. It is a combo that all women want in their man; I am not an exception. A mature man is a person who has both physical and mental development, which is a dialect in marriage. Maturity means that the man has more experience in love, life, and working. Maybe they fall on hard times and learn from them; they know what they want from it and from the woman they live with. This man tends to make a holistic assessment of the outlook and character of their wife. In addition, thoughtfulness is the perfumes that help them brighter. 

Thirdly, a loving family is associated with both the things above, in my opinion. They are smart and mature enough to understand the value of family. I think they will be patient with their family and their wife during difficult periods. They will take care of and protect the family with their wife.

All things above are the foundation of a happy marriage; what I am looking forward to is the man I will marry.


Feedback on the essay:

It is always best to avoid personal pronouns such as I for academic essays.

We use a/an for non-specific person or thing.

I like to have a baby. (this baby could be a boy or a girl) 

We use 'the' when we talk about a specific person /people/or thing

I like to have the car that I talked to you about. (the car= BMW ) 

'The car' is a singular word

I also can use 'the' for plural


  • We put the period/?/ ! / inside the ". " when we end our talk.
  • While/if/when/... are dependent, so they cannot form a sentence alone
  • While I was out,.... what happened?  
  • A sentence is as follows: while I was sleeping, the telephone rang.
  • The telephone rang while I was sleeping. (we don't need the comma here since 'while' is in the middle.)
  • We use 'though' or 'although' to link between two things that are different
  • I love him, although he does not love me.
  • I love him. He doesn't love me, though.
  • Although/​Even though/​Though everyone played well, we lost the game.
  • We use a comma between a series of things: ___,___,___ 

And we add ,and at the last item ____,____,___,and the last item. 

Knowledge is a noun, but 'knowledgeable' is an adjective.

We use adjectives to describe people/things

We can use 'who' as an interrogative pronoun to ask a question

Who is that man?

We can also use 'who' as a pronoun to link between sentences

  • The people who called yesterday want to buy the house.
  • The people (who) we met in France have sent us a card.

We use a colon to define something : 

  • We use 'much' (=very) before adjectives that end with 'er.' 

For example, I feel much better. The adjective is 'better', and 'much' acts as an adverb


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